Magnetic phone holder

Magnetic phone holder

Magnetic phone holder

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Tired of phone mounts blocking your CD player after installation? Suction cups that do not fit on the dashboard? Bulky brackets that don't attach to the air vents?

With its new smart design, Discover the Mini Magnetic Phone Holder. Featuring a smart new design, it is convenient and meets your needs.

This product gives you safer and more enjoyable driving. It is made of a solid zinc alloy, and a silicone surface with magnets on the underside. It holds your phone smoothly, even if you hit an obstacle.


Multifunctional Magnetic Holder

The Magnetic Phone Holder is small and practical. Can be used, not only to hold your phone, but also your keys or any other metal object. It is easy to use, and gives your smartphone stability at all times. This allows you to make calls or drive safely.

Ultra slim design

Thanks to its ultra slim design, you can stick it easily to the dashboard, or any flat surface in your home. The Magnetic Phone Holder is easy to install, and keeps your phone secure. You can place it in your room, kitchen, on the door, window, etc., to hang your keys or any other metal object.

Strong magnet

The Magnetic Phone Holder securely holds your phone without dropping it, even under shock or vibration.

Strong self-adhesive attachment

This product is easier to use than any other magnetic car holder. It has a solid rubber base and a powerful magnetic head for optimal support of your devices.

Easy to install

The Magnetic Phone Holder is easy to install. No tools needed. Just stick it on any flat surface. Can be used in your car, kitchen, bedroom, office, etc.


1. Thoroughly clean the surface on which you are going to stick the support.

2. Peel off the label and stick the backing where you want it.

3. Place the magnetic metal plate between the phone and the case.

4. The Phone Holder firmly holds your phone without dropping it.

The Pack Include: 1 × Mini Magnetic Phone Holder + Magnetic Plate.


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